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Gorilla Hunt – Frequently Asked Questions
In this section, you will find the answers to most of the questions
that we get about Gorilla 
If you still have any questions after reading this, remember that you can contact our support
any time via Gorilla Hunt's app dashboard or this website. Also note that we are
continuously updating this FAQ, so feel free to check back often!
Remember there is no cost or obligation to try Gorilla Hunt Free!
Gorilla Hunt is an easy to use, state-of-the-art web-based app that searches for the best products that are selling on Amazon - in virtually any market, niche or sub-niche! You can utilize this highly-detailed information to source and sell these products on Amazon, Shopify, or any other Ecom platform.

Once you enter in your desired budget, profit goals, product categories, and other parameters, Gorilla Hunt will search our entire updated database of fully-analyzed products and give you the best recommendations – INCLUDING how and where to order them!

But that’s not all, Gorilla Hunt also gives you a variety of tools to track and analyze winning products, plus our dynamic watchlist feature and our awesome Chrome browser extension.
Well, for one thing, Gorilla Hunt is the brainchild of a long-time Amazon seller and development team who know the business inside and out. The reason that they developed Gorilla Hunt was because it was clear to them that the apps on the market were falling short on delivering quality results!

The fact is, that the apps haven’t been able to keep up with the vicious “boom and bust” cycles that happen on Amazon these days. Whatever may be a hot product this week or month, may very well be a dead-end product to stock next month.

Most of the apps on the market focus on delivering information on products and sources, but don’t do the kind of analysis that’s needed in today’s uber-competitive marketplace.

There’s more to choosing products to sell on Amazon, Shopify and other Ecom platforms than just looking at ratings, reviews and sales ranking. Gorilla Hunt cuts through all the crap when it comes to product analysis and selection.

We not only analyze products for real-world profitability and demand, but we also determine what products will stay well ahead of the demand curve.

What’s more, every item selected by our system goes through a rigorous verification and approval process via one of our living, breathing staff members. This ensures that every product that gets added to Gorilla Hunt’s ever-growing database is a certified winner.
Yes to all of the above!

Understand that Amazon is the Mac-Daddy of all e-commerce platforms on the planet.

Whatever is trending on Amazon, you can rest assured that it will also sell like hotcakes on Ebay, Shopify and anywhere else for that matter. Simply put, you can profit from products found on Gorilla Hunt no matter what platform you’re selling on!
Gorilla Hunt is hosted in the cloud and 100% browser-based. All you have to do is open a browser window, login to the app with your secure access and you’re ready to rock.

Pretty cool, huh?

There’s absolutely nothing to download or install. What’s even cooler is that you can easily access Gorilla Hunt via ANY device, running ANY operating system, including tablets and smartphones!

And don’t worry, Gorilla Hunt is EXTREMELY easy to use. If you can point, click and/or tap, you can use it like a pro.

REMEMBER: You can try Gorilla Hunt FREE! So see for yourself just how easy it is to use!
All sales data get updated daily on our main database as of 00:01 UTC . When you add items to your watchlist, you will see the most up-to-date information on any of those products at all times.
At the present time, GH analyzes data on Amazon’s US site only.

We do plan on adding on other countries’ data which can be analyzed singularly or part of any group of countries in the near future. It’s important to keep in mind that Amazon’s US site is the highest-volume marketplace by far. All rankings, data and other information will have relevance on any other Amazon site, with few exceptions.
As of now, we plan on cycling data every two years. However, we do plan on keeping certain data elements long-term for “year-over-year” tracking and analysis purposes. We may also extend or adjust our data strategies in the future. It largely depends on any changes or algorithm updates that may be implemented by Amazon in the future.
When doing a search, you simply determine what your spending budget is for a particular product. When GH conducts its search/analysis of all matching products in your desired categories, it will only show the products that will allow you to purchase with that minimum budget!

This function alone will save you tons of time (and money) over most of the other Amazon product apps and tools on the market. Why? Because most of them don’t enable you to search based on your available budget to invest in a particular product.

Gorilla Hunt on the other hand… does that, and much more!
Absolutely! With GH, you have total control over how to sort and filter your search results. You can filter by price (ascending/descending), MOQ, popularity ranking, along with other metrics or criteria. Be aware that we will be beefing up our sorting/filtering capabilities even more over time, based on user feedback!
There’s NO long-term commitment. You will be billed monthly (or for longer intervals if you prepay with a discount), based on the day of the month that you activated your paid account.

Be aware that you may cancel your trial account at any time during the trial period, without incurring any charges. You can cancel your subscription easily via the app. If you have any other billing questions, please don’t hesitate to submit a support request via the secure member’s area.
We’re available 24/7/365! If you need any help whatsoever, simply chat us via the app dashboard.

If an agent is available, you’ll get an immediate reply via chat.

If for any reason, an agent isn’t available to chat, a support ticket will automatically be initiated and you will receive a prompt response, usually within a matter of hours. Rest assured that we’ll be there for you, whenever you need any help!
First of all, remember that during our introductory launch period, you get a FREE trial of Gorilla Hunt for 7 Days, with no payment information required.

After your trial period, you can keep your Gorilla Hunt subscription going for as little as 90 cents a day, with no long-term commitment whatsoever!

For more details, please check out our pricing page.

Remember, if you have other questions while using Gorilla Hunt, you can ask us any time via the support the app.
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